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Levine Law Testimonials

Losing my parents within seventeen months of one another left me with what seemed an insurmountable task of settling my mother's estate. Since I was the only remaining child, the decision making process abruptly fell into my hands. Without the assistance of Brian Levine, I do not think the estate matters would have been settled in such an expeditious and compassionate manner.

From our first visit, Brian made me feel at ease. He did not hurry me through anything we had to face and eventually settle. He patiently made lists of what we had to accomplish, according to the law. Brian continuously questioned me as to my understanding of each step that had to be followed. Sensitive to my needs, he would ask how I was feeling or if the process was too delicate to touch upon on a certain day.

Brian kept me up to date on legal matters. His availability to me was beyond necessary. No matter what time of day I emailed or texted him with a concern or question, no matter how insignificant, he promptly responded within an hour or two. His efficacy, genuine compassion, and integrity helped to reassure me that all was being taken care of in this, what seemed to me, overwhelming legal process.

We became "partners" through this entire estate process. Not once did I feel like just another client. Brian was invaluable to me at a very fragile time in my life. My trust in him made the journey much easier. Mom and Dad would have been happy with the outcome.

Client, Estate Administration
New Castle, PA

This afternoon, I got paper confirmation that I am now the proud owner of the Genworth insurance policy. The changes you requested were made.

I do thank you for all the work you did!! I know you expressed frustration a couple times; because it certainly seemed as if we were caught in a game of legal "gotcha" with Genworth and that they held all the cards. But you kept digging, and obviously the last letter you wrote pulled everything together and it all worked.

Client, Estate Administration
Erie, PA

Thanks very much for everything. You have been terrific to work with and I greatly appreciate all your help in working with me and my family to administer my mother's estate.

I would definitely be glad to do business with you in the future and will keep in touch. I would also be happy to be a reference for you if I can ever be of help in that way. I’ll definitely thank Murphy’s Funeral Home and let them know what a great job you did for us.

Client, Estate Administration
Los Angeles, CA and Beaver, PA

I recommend Levine Law to do real estate work and for setting up limited partnerships. Levine Law has been my attorney having done my HUD statements, real estate work, and all of my closings. They are unique in many ways. First, they are precise, prompt and thorough. Second, they operate a title company that is nationwide with their affiliation. When I give them a closing, I know that it has been researched well and is ready with no surprises and they do everything that is needed to be done. Third, they are reasonable and follow up.

Client, Real Estate Investor
New Castle, PA.

I would like to thank you for alleviating some of that stress that had accumulated over the duration of my legal troubles. Your character both individually and professionally was bar none, and I thank you for your services.

Pittsburgh, PA.

On behalf of the Allegheny Women’s Soccer Team and our team for Relay for Life, I want to thank you for your generous donation and sponsoring of the event. Relay for Life is an event to raise money for the American Cancer Society to help put a stop to cancer. Thanks to Levine Law, this was the first year we were sponsored and the first year that we looked like a team with matching attire.

Allegheny College Women’s Soccer Team
Meadville, PA.

Your kind and thoughtful generosity made it possible for us to have the financial sponsorship necessary to present the quality production we work so hard to achieve. We are extremely grateful for your contribution and sincerely appreciate your encouragement and support.

Neshannock High School
42nd Street Cast and Crew
New Castle, PA.